Discover Rwanda

Sitting on the southern border of Uganda and landlocked in the Great Rift Valley is the small but special country of Rwanda.

Although still suffering the scars of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, the Rwandan people have rebuilt their country, which is now one of the most modern countries in East Africa. With roads even the Germans are jealous of and plenty of beautiful sights, it’s no wonder Rwanda is a popular destination for tourists.

Of particular interest in Rwanda is the Virunga National Volcano Park, a protected nature reserve which is one of the two places in Africa where you can see the famed mountain gorillas up close.

If you’re interested in the culture and history of Rwanda, be sure to make a visit to the capital city of Kigali and the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where the remains of over 250.000 victims of the Rwandan genocide are interred and remembered.